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Fire-resistant metal doors with multiple applications

Fire-resistant doors are manufactured by hot-dip galvanizing a steel sheet, to which an insulating layer of mineral wool is added for thermal insulation. The entire surface is treated to prevent corrosion. The door leaf features perimeter sealing on all four sides and reinforcements for the door closer and panic bar. The handles are also fire-resistant, made of black nylon with steel inserts.

The thickness of the door leaf is either 50 or 60 mm, depending on the fire resistance rating. The doors are equipped with two hinges/leaves and anti-burglary bolts. The frame is equipped with a thermo-expanding gasket.

The fire-resistant doors offered by Vertical Design are reversible and easier to install than other models, as no additional work or holes in the wall are required (the doors are approved for installation with anchors, mortar fixation, or expansion bolts).

The fire-resistant doors can be electrostatically painted in a wide range of RAL colors and can be installed even in openings that separate areas with severe temperatures.

Special Features:
– Fully hot-dip galvanized steel sheet leaf;
– Optimal protection against corrosion demonstrated by the 500-hour salt spray test;
– No changes under severe conditions, tested for 2000 hours at temperatures between +60°C and -10°C, 75% humidity, etc.;
– Scratch-resistant finish due to the "orange peel" paint layer structure;
– Internal reinforcements for the door closer and panic bar;
– Reversible lock with central latch, CE marked in accordance with EN 12209 standard;
– Additional accessories available to enhance quality: panic bars (if doors are used as emergency exits), electronically activated locks, electric handles, locking systems, closers, leaf selectors, gaskets.

The Vertical Design company's portfolio includes doors that fall into the following fire resistance classes: EI30, EI60, EI90, REI60, and REI120 according to UNI 9723 and EN 1634. All door models, as well as complementary accessories, undergo thorough testing and are accompanied by the documentation required by current regulations.

Areas of use:
Fire-resistant metal doors are primarily used in technical rooms, but they can also be used in production areas, warehouses, industrial halls, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, museums, hotels, and office buildings. Fire doors are ideal for electrical rooms, rooms housing heating equipment, servers, etc., where the risk of fire outbreaks is higher.
Fire-resistant doors delay the spread of smoke and fire, which is why their installation is essential for securing escape routes.
Fire-resistant doors can also be used to isolate specific areas in order to limit property losses. In addition to doors, fire-resistant curtains that automatically roll down when a fire alarm is triggered can be used.