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Glass partitions for offices

How many times have you entered a poorly partitioned, cramped office space, and how many times have you thought that when...
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Specialized doors for hospitals

The hospital is an institution that imposes demanding standards of quality and, above all, hygiene. Due to the specificity of each room...
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Industrial doors for any type of business

Vertical Design industrial doors represent the guarantee of a safe and long-lasting investment. They are structured in several areas...
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Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență Ilfov27

Modernization of Ilfov County Hospital

One of the most recent projects for which Vertical Design provided integrated professional solutions is the rehabilitation of the County Clinical...
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Fire-resistant metal doors with multiple applications

Fire-resistant doors are made through the hot-dip galvanization of steel sheets, with the addition of a layer of mineral wool for...
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