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Glass partitions for offices

How many times have you walked into a poorly partitioned, cramped office space, and how many times have you thought that, when you have to choose for your company, you would make it completely different, spacious, and elegant? The office space should be modern, reflecting your company's style and values, and, above all, be efficiently divided to maximize its potential. This can be achieved through glass partitions. Glass adds elegance to the space, allows natural light to penetrate, creating a modern working environment with unique design.

The advantage of glass partitions is that they allow for diverse modular configurations that can perfectly meet the requirements of your project. The systems can integrate wooden or glass doors, and the glass used for panels can be painted, colored, or feature unique graphic patterns that you desire, adding personality to the interior.

Also, for this type of partitions, the stiffening profiles are made of aluminum to reduce the weight of the partition assembly, and the glass used is safety glass with a thickness of 8, 10, or 12 mm.

The aluminum profiles come in the standard anodized aluminum color, but they can be painted in any other color of your choice to seamlessly integrate with the office space's design.

For the creation of glass doors and partitions, Vertical Design exclusively uses high-quality hardware produced by a renowned company in the field, suitable for both interior and exterior applications. These products are characterized by a classic and elegant design. When combined with floor springs from the same manufacturer, these components can be used for single or double-leaf doors that comfortably feature self-closing functionality. The visible surface is available with an anodized aluminum appearance and satin or polished stainless steel.