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Industrial doors for any type of business

Vertical Design industrial doors represent the guarantee of a safe and long-lasting investment.

These are structured into multiple coverage areas: rapid doors, sectional doors, cold room doors, industrial shutters, and other types of openings.

1. Rapid doors are used to optimize traffic, improve indoor climate, and save energy. They can be installed both inside and outside the building.

2. Sectional doors are designed to close medium-sized spaces, with the panels lifting into the upper area of the opening. Additionally, they provide enhanced sealing of the gap along with thermal and acoustic insulation of the enclosure.

3. Cold room doors are used for a tight seal of cold storage spaces and for optimal insulation of storage rooms that require a constant temperature. These can be divided into doors for refrigerated spaces (0-4⁰ C) and freezer spaces (-40⁰ C), which can be complemented with PVC curtains to minimize energy loss.

4. Industrial shutters - Aluminium and steel roller doors and grilles are particularly cost-effective due to their brilliantly simple construction, with very few components. These closures consistently prove their quality in everyday life. Roller doors and roller grilles take up very little space above the opening.

5. Doors with other types of openings:
– guillotine-type doors – these are fire-resistant doors used to close large openings in fire-resistant walls, where lateral space is insufficient, or the technical process requires such an opening. The standard operating position for guillotine-type sliding doors is "open," and they close automatically in case of a fire.
– folding-type doors – the panels are hung on a top rail, so that the elements are centrally located under the sliding tracks when the system is open/closed.