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Professional entrance mats

Professional entrance mats

If you want to reduce maintenance and cleaning costs for the flooring in access areas, you need professional entrance mats. We offer a complete range of products specially designed for each area of the building.

The first cleaning area, located outside the building, is designed to capture water, snow, and mud. In this case, aluminum profile mats with a solid rubber cleaning surface, stiff plastic bristles, aluminum scraping profiles, or combinations of these are suitable.

For the second cleaning area, the intermediate one, aluminum profile mats with a wear-resistant carpet-like fabric cleaning surface (in various colors), linear brushes, cassette brushes, or combinations of these are ideal.

The third area, the interior one, can be kept clean with carpet-like mats, available in various colors and customizable with graphic elements (text, company logo, floral patterns, geometric designs, etc.).

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